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Your ultimate guide to local watersports

Monday Jul 17th 2023

The Mobilian Indians considered the gulf waters to be a separate sky. They called it an “aqualar.” The gulf waters are transformative and challenging, and Eden has everything you need to approach the “aqualar” in a way that fits your style. Board and boat rentals are available to help guests connect with the subtropical paradise around them. Surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks and even pontoon boats are different ways to experience the water at Eden. In this article, find out how to connect with the boards and boats that can take you into the gulf.

Surfing at Eden

While it may not be the wave mecca of America, the Gulf Coast DOES get some surfing waves. You might see colorful surfboards on top of cars when the waves are breaking along Perdido Key. Yancy Spencer put local surfing on the map in the 1980’s, but you don't have to be a pro to vibe like one at Eden! Newbies should consider a foam rental because the material is safer and smoother on the skin. Beginners should choose a board between 7’ and 10” long.

One with the Water

Paddleboards are an entirely different vibe as you stride atop the water with an assured grace. It seems like paddle boards were made for the lazy summer waterline at Eden. If you’re just getting your sea legs, consider an inflatable board and go bigger when given the choice. Experienced paddlers will go for a 10” cruiser. Insider tip: Paddles are important. Find a paddle that’s comfortable in your hand. Consider gloves if you blister easily.

For the Wanderluster

The boat launch and dock at Eden is the perfect starting place for your kayaking adventure. The intercoastal waterway is your aquatic highway. Watch as a sea turtle swims below you offshore. Seeing the sun set behind Eden’s multi-storied silhouette is a world class photo. Nearby Ono Island is the perfect vantage point that can be unlocked with a kayak, a paddle, and a strong sense of wanderlust. There’s no excuse to miss it! No license is necessary to operate a kayak, but fishing does require a license (see: Florida Fish & Wildlife website)

Pontoon Party

What exactly is a Pontoon boat? It’s a floating dock. It’s a floating dock that moves. They are awesome. The ideal pontoon boat pilot isn’t in a hurry to get ANYWHERE. They are perfect for wedding parties looking to fill a day on the water, they make excellent evening party venues, and the flat surface is a kid-friendly choice. All the pontoon boats come with a FULL tank of gas. The free gas has remained a feature of the rental despite rising fuel prices, and it makes the $550 a day rental-fee a good bargain.

Where to Go:

For surfboards, kayaks, and paddle boards visit the Perdido Beach Service umbrella, or tell the Eden staff about your boarding plans ahead of time and they will be ready for you!

Big Daddy’s Beach Rentals drops off Pontoon boats to nearby Southwind Marina. A boater education permit is required to pilot the pontoon boat if you’re under 34, and it takes roughly 15-minutes on the FWC website! Pontoon boat rentals launch from nearby Southwind Marina. Remember, if you want to fish from the pontoon boat you will need a Florida Fishing License (obtained online at Go Outdoors-Florida.com).

Adventure Starts Here

There's so much to do on and around our 16-miles-long island paradise, there's no way you can experience it all in just one stay. To help you make the most of your Eden vacation, we've picked a few of our favorite experiences that we hope will become precious memories for you too. If you have a question, or don't see what you're looking for, please let us know. We want to make sure that each memory of your Eden vacation is truly magical.

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