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A Car Ride During COVID? Answers to your Vacation FAQs

Thursday Sep 10th 2020

So, you’ve chosen Perdido Key... we can’t say we blame you. We call it home for a reason, and because it’s our home, we strive to provide the highest level of hospitality. You’re in safe hands with us here at Eden Condominiums, but your vacation starts with the drive and we know there’s a lot on your mind while traveling:

  • You can’t hold your bathroom breaks forever, but how do you find the cleanest fast food restaurant to stop at?
  • What do you do when you don’t trust a quick lunch at the McDonalds PlayPlace, but you know your kids are going to make a scene if they can’t stretch their legs on the long ride? How do you “play” it safe instead?
  • “Are we almost there yet?"

These are all questions you’ll have to consider. Unfortunately, the third one is up to you, we can only suggest the classic “We’ll get there when we get there.”

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help you get here easily and safely. With the suggestions below, we advise maintaining proper and consistent uses of hand washing, hand sanitizer and facial coverings:

  1. What are my best options for bathroom stops? Great question! Even before 2020, most fast food bathrooms were a questionable choice, and now with current times, safe options are even harder to come by. CNBC advises that it’s not so much the location that you choose, but the actions you take while there. Preventative measures should be taken in all areas where people congregate, but especially in bathrooms. Here are some things to keep in mind:
    1. Wash your hands for +20 seconds at a time.
    2. Consider using physical barriers when flushing and using sinks (touch surfaces with a paper towel or a glove instead of using your bare hands)
    3. When drying hands, opt for paper towels instead of using the air dryer, which can actually spread more bacteria and germs.
    4. And of course, wear your mask!
  2. What are my best food options? If you’re required to stop, limiting contact with a drive through restaurant will be your best bet. Apply hand sanitizer before and after transactions, and make sure that items you’ve used in the process are sanitized as well (e.g. credit cards). The best way to avoid contact and keep socially distanced, however, is also the easiest option. Pack a cooler! Sandwiches, fruits, waters, granola bars, travel mix; the options are endless, and they're also typically more affordable than purchasing food on the road. Stop at a rest stop, have a quick picnic in the fresh air, safely use the restroom, and be on your way!
  3. I know how to get there safely now, but where is “there?” It’s true, even if you take every preventative measure, you can’t always avoid the crowds once you arrive at your destination. Or can you? First ask yourself, why are you vacationing? It’s obvious, you’re looking for a break from your day-to-day busy routine, and you want to experience something new, something relaxing and most importantly, something safe. Perdido Key is all of these and more. Escape the crowds and find a break from all of it among the secluded sands, crystal waters, and endless nature that Perdido Key offers. Learn more about Perdido Key here and check out more of our blogs for some vacation inspiration!

Arriving safe and sound to your vacation destination takes some extra effort these days, but by taking the right precautions and choosing the right destination, you can ensure that you’re living comfortably once you get there. Now, there’s just one more question to be answered. How are you going to fit everything in the car?

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