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Off-the-Beaten-Path Perdido: Top 7

Tuesday Aug 21st 2018
Caron Sjoberg

1. Solo Shows at the Flora-Bama

Although the Flora-Bama is a popular evening retreat for locals and tourists alike, it offers more than just Wednesday ladies’ nights and living life on the edge (of the state of Florida, that is). The Flora Bama is also known for hosting performances of legendary song writers and Nashville renowned musicians. Who knows, you may even find an incognito Jimmy Buffett!

2. Kayak on the Intracoastal

There is more to the beautiful water and scenery of Perdido Key than the views of the Gulf of Mexico. The Intracoastal Waterway consists of 16 miles of calm water than runs between the key and the mainland. Join an eco-friendly sailboat tour or rent a kayak and go at your own pace. You are bound to come across wildlife, either while on the water or in the areas you explore by foot after pulling up to the sandy bank.

3. Get the Blues

The Pensacola Naval Air Station is home to the world-famous Blue Angels flight demonstration team. These F-18 jets are commonly seen flying in their diamond formation and doing low-flyovers over area beaches. While they travel almost every weekend for shows across the country, they can be seen practicing over NAS Pensacola during many weekdays. If you want a front row view of their practice shows, make the short drive to the NAS Pensacola for a closer look—many Wednesdays the pilots will be signing autographs afterwards inside the Naval Air Museum (free admission!).

4. Cruise Like the Conquistadors

Perdido Key and the surrounding areas have historical significance that can inspire a few different island adventures for the whole family. From Perdido Key, rent a boat from Lil Johns or the Flora-Bama Marina and cruise along the emerald coast. You will find the same scenery along the Gulf Islands National Seashore that the conquistadors saw when they first landed in the area back in 1559.

5. Beach Trail Blazers

Between the state and national parks that cover Perdido Key, there are numerous nature trails to explore. These trails run along the beach, forest, intracoastal waterway or a combination of the three! Check out the trail listings from Big Lagoon State Park, Tarklin Bayou State Park or the Gulf Islands National Seashore to plan your nature trail trek.

6. Walk Along the Wharf

The Wharf is an Orange Beach destination spot that will keep you busy for the whole day! The wide, palm tree-lined sidewalks are perfect for an afternoon stroll. Make sure to stop at the numerous shops and restaurants for a local treat. The Marina is a relaxing place to gaze at the beautiful yachts or experience the excitement of the Orange Beach Billfish Classic. If you’re a music lover, plan ahead and grab your ticket to a show at the Wharf Amphitheatre before it sells out!

7. Lofty Lighthouse

The Pensacola Lighthouse is near the Naval Aviation Museum and remains an active navigational guide with its bright beacon visible for 27 miles. Climb the stairs to the very top and you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic photo opportunities. The lighthouse is rumored to be haunted by the late owners of the land it sits upon and the lighthouse has even been featured on the program “Ghost Hunters.”

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